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Advanced DJ Course Level

Course Price


Course length

16 Hours

About the DJ course

Total training hours= 8 x 2 = 16h
(Student Card=10% off)
Languages : English / French
Certification: Yes
Your Intermediate Certification will allow you to access the advanced Level to reach the technical Level including mixing with Vinyl using Technics & Pioneer PLX 1000 equipment. Put the final touch on your performance and live experiences. You will be put to the test each week to complete assignments dealing with the unexpected and troubleshooting. Additionally, you will learn how to create a professional dj profile on the social Media. 

The advanced DJ course polishes your skills, teaches you vinyl and prepares you to take the stage at your first Skilz Academy DJ gig. After taking the course you'll have the confidence to beat match on any equipment and perform like a pro in front of an audience.

Learn In Person
The lessons (2 hours each) taught one-to-one so you can learn at your own speed with your own music. You can book any day of the week at any of our studios. All equipment is provided and lesson times are 10am, 12pm, 2pm, 4pm, 6pm or 7pm. Once booked you can reschedule when needed.

What you will learn?
- Any genre of music
- Mixing with Vinyl
- Advanced knowledge of Rekordbox
- Improving mixing transitions
- Creating high level mixes
- How to use Acapella
- Producing & Recording a Mix/Podcast
- Effects/Samples
- Advanced Looping during transactions
- Advanced use of the CDJ 2000 Nexus
- Advanced Hotcues
- Slip Mode Technique
- Change of musical style during a mix
- How to Stream Live
- Overcome the unforeseen during a performence
- Creating a professional profile through social media & marketing basics
- Skilz DJ Advanced Certification

An in depth understanding of the content in our Beginner and Intermediate DJ courses.

Included in fees: We offer students the very best equipment on which to study with no extra fee. Fully equipped with Pioneer dj setup and unlimited practice time.

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