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Summer DJ School 2024

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Course length

10 Hours

About the DJ course

Summer DJ School 2024
Course Overview
Title: Beginner DJ Course
Duration: 5 Days
Starting date: 22/07/2024
End Day: 26/07/2024
Number of teaching days: 5
Number of teaching hours: 10
Lesson times: 18h:15 to 20h:15
Maximum number of students: 8
Minimum age 16 years
Teaching days : Mondays
Languages: English / French
Student Card: 10% off
Certification: Yes

Course Objectives
Target Audience: Anyone interested in learning DJing, regardless of prior experience or music taste.

Equip students with fundamental DJing skills.
Prepare students for Club/Bar DJing or hobbyist mixing.
Provide training on Pioneer DJ technology and equipment.

Weekly Breakdown:
Week 1: Introduction to DJing
Understanding basic music structure.
Familiarization with DJ equipment.
Overview of the DJing landscape.

Week 2: Mixing Techniques
Basic mixing skills.
Transitioning between tracks.
Introduction to beat-matching.

Week 3: Track Management and Playlist Organization
Cueing tracks.
Creating and organizing a DJ playlist.
Introduction to digital DJing with Rekordbox & Traktor softwares.

Week 4: Effects and Advanced Features
Using basic FX.
Exploring advanced Pioneer DJ equipment (CDJs, mixing consoles, etc.).
Hands-on practice with the equipment.

Week 5: Putting It All Together
Comprehensive practice session.
Beat-matching with ears.
Live mini-set preparation and performance.

Course Features
Equipment: Access to professional Pioneer DJ setup.
Software Training: Rekordbox software usage.
Practice: Unlimited practice time during the course.

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