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Online Face To Face Music Production Courses

Course Price


Course length

12 Hours

Course Overview

Total Teaching Hours= 2 x 12 = 12h (6 Weeks)

(Student Card=10% off)

Languages : English / French

Software: Cubase Pro/Artist

Note: This music production course is One-To-One online with Zoom. Learn how to produce music from home or anywhere else.

Whether you’re new to the realms of music production or a seasoned pro looking to brush up on a new set of skills – we’ve got you covered whatever your experience.

You pick up your own focus areas! 

This package is for those looking to expand their skills, and ex-lore in more detail how to make and produce electronic music.  

The very best way to learn Music Production. Fully online face-to-face private courses. The best understanding of the concepts of music production from the very beginner to the advance level. 

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