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5 reasons you won’t be using the new Apple Macbook for DJing

Apple has unveiled its new Macbook, but it seems there are a number of reasons why it be won’t be the best option for DJs.

1. It has just one USB-C port

Having just one port means you’re limited to just one hardware peripheral at a time. Also, as there is no USB Type A port (the most common), USB DJ devices and flash drives will require an adaptor before they can be connected.

2. Adapter dongles are unreliable

The typical DJ will need to plug soundcards, controllers and external monitors etc. into the adapter dongle, which means more wires and mess. The adapter dongles are also renowned for failing under normal use — if this happens or you forget the dongle, there is no alternative solution and connection is impossible.

3. Storage limitations

The default Macbook comes with 256 GB of storage, which will be rapidly filled up by anyone with a large DJ library.

4. Thunderbolt

Not many hardware manufacturers in the music industry incorporate this technology into production tools. There’s also no Thunderbolt on the adapter dongle.

5. The Macbook Pro has been upgraded

The trusty Macbook Pro has received upgrades for 2015, which will make it faster and the all-round best choice for DJs.


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