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Native Instruments Launches Stems
A Stem file is an open multi-track audio format which allows DJ's, producers and live performers to enhance their creative potential. A Stem file contains a track split into four musical elements, for example a drums stem, a bassline stem, a melody stem, and a vocal stem. When playing a set, this allows the DJ to dissect the track in various ways to be more creative with the mix. Having the ability to freely work with the tracks elements in a live situation, an original mix can be transformed into something completely fresh and new.
The system has been developed by developed by Native Instruments but released as an open source format that can be used by most audio playback software or compatible device. For information on how to use Stems, watch the handy video.


Stem files allow you to interact with four different musical elements of a track independently while DJing – expanding performance possibilities that make your DJ sets stand out.

These four ‘stems’ of a track can be modified individually to create spontaneous instrumentals, remixes, or mashups. Transition between elements stem-by-stem instead of using global volume and EQ control for an entire track. Or apply effects just to a specific stem. And to get really creative, swap elements across multiple decks – take the vocals from one track and mix it with the beat from another, for example.


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