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ADE 2020 Conference Will Take Place In An Online-First Format

ADE 2020 Conference will take place in an online-first format, combining an extended digital program with limited physical networking elements.

As travel to Amsterdam is limited for most of the broader international B2B audience, the 2020 conference program will take place as an online-focused format. As always, ADE will combine panels, masterclasses and interactive Q&As with an extensive networking platform that enables ADE delegates to connect and meet up, both virtually as well as in real life.

The annual dance conference and music festival is set to take place this October 21 – 25. The Dutch government are still unclear for a city-wide event such as ADE, the festival’s exact shape is currently uncertain.  However, with the Netherlands’ recent decision to ban large-scale music events until there is a vaccine to fight the coronavirus (COVID-19), the reality is ADE may stay only virtual online this year.


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