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First Socially Distanced Venue

While the sector has suffered several billion losses this season, the English music industry is trying to find solutions: the group SSD Concerts has imagined a space adapted to social distancing measures, designed with the organizers of the This Is Tomorrow festival.

Located on the Newcastle racetrack, the space will host DJ sets, concerts and shows. The full line-ups will be announced in the following weeks.

Customers will have at their disposal their own views, separated by two meters, while respecting local distancing measures. Toilets will be accessible by one-way lanes. Drinks and snacks will be available for sale, only on pre-order.

SSD Concerts director Steve Davis said, "Since all of our concerts have been postponed until later this year and all halls in the city are closed, the SSD team wanted to continue.

We can't stay without music all this time, so our only concern has been to find a way to bring music back to the public in a safe and responsible manner. "

In the UK, several drive-in shows and distancing-friendly events have taken place in Northern Ireland. Several raves accessible in drive-in also took place in Germany in May.

Source: Mixmag France


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