DJ School / Private Lessons

We offer curriculum range from DJing to Sound Design for today's most popular dance music creation tools. Whatever your interest, whatever your level of experience, we can help find the right class for you. Our courses start from October and are offered throughout the year with flexible class schedules


Our DJ Academy offers private classes on demand ...
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DJing Private Lessons
Level SDA04
Language: Eng/Fr

Skilz DJ Academy offers private lessons in DJing for all levels and musical interests.  Day time or evening courses, your DJ School can make a custom scheduling on specific dates and time with or without repeat frequency. This will help you to personalize your learning experience to reach your goals.  


Private lessons in your DJ School are perfect:


  • For those wanting to have customized program

  • For those wanting to discover what is djing and how is like our DJ School before committing to one of our courses

  • For those who have schedules conflict with our weekly classes times and dates.

  • For those who already have years of DJ experience and want further specific skills to get to the professional level.


Price: 120 € (per hour)