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In view of the increasing of #COVID_19 infection in Luxembourg, the government has decided that all activities in the school and education sector will be suspended from 16 mars. We inform you that the Skilz DJ Academy will reopen on May 11, only for group and private adult lessons See you soon!

DJ School Of Luxembourg - Learn to DJ

DJ Skilz Certification


​DJ School including DJ Certification Program is designed to create a standard or baseline for the DJ artform. Completion of the program includes a variety of mixing. Complete module guiding you through essential DJ skills: beatmatching, CD and vinyl mixing intro to scratching and more.

Music Skilz Production


There's never been a better time to get your electronic music production career started with our DJ School Music Production Certification Program. You will gain a solid understanding of Cubase’s foundational elements including sampling, synthesis, sequencing, sound design, basic mixing/mastering techniques and more!  Our DJ Academy is for you.

Online Face To Face Course


The very best way to learn Music Production. Fully online face-to-face private courses. The best understanding of the concepts of music production from the very beginner to the advance level. Study Diploma & Degree Courses at Skilz DJ Academy, Music School based in Luxembourg. The best experience possible.


Welcome to the Skilz DJ Academy!  With over 25 years of experience, proven copyrighted curriculum, world class djs, flexible class schedules and professional services, you’ll be learning to DJ and to produce in no time.  You will meet top worldwide djs for the delivery of your class certificate.


DJ School with certification or individual classes.


We deliver training to make you able to mix all kind of clubbing music, House, EDM or Hiphop. using all sorts of media from cd, usb to the vinyl.


Different Certification Bundle Packages to achieve your goal smoothly from DJ beginner to DJ Extensive. If you just wish to improve your DJing skills and to learn new DJing tips, DJ extensive certificate is made for you.


If you are just interested in music production, the private lessons will bring a high added value and designed to teach you how to produce music according to digital music standards and help your future productions climbing to the top of the most popular music charts in the world. your final project will be submitted for consideration to be released worldwide on GaGa Records, the worldwide known skilz dj academy label.



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