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Online DJ Courses

Some people dream of success. We make it happen.

Learn How To DJ For Beginners

Learn how to DJ with your ears. Hight quality content.

27 years worldwide experience, proven copyrighted curriculum

Since 2014, hundreds of students, coming up from all over Europe have been taking DJ Courses in our facilities based in Luxembourg. Our certified students are having Club residencies all over the country. Since then, we have received many worldwide requests to make the DJ lessons available online. Students who don't have the possibility or the opportunity to attend our classes at the Academy.


Since 1st of Mars 2019, our -Online DJ Courses are available and updated reguraly. They are dedicated to anyone wanting to learn how to DJ from scratch. Be ready to DJing without computer in the club, or just pick up a new hobby, we will teach you the fundamentals of mixing.


This masterclass is given by the International DJ & Producer, Sam Skilz. 27 years worldwide experience, proven copyrighted curriculum.


The course is for you to learn how to DJ with NO LAPTOP, USB ONLY. Every video is having a specific subject to take you step by step to the highest level possible. We will teach you the fundamentals of beatmatching, mixing, and blending etc... No matter your musical tastes or background, You will get the skills you need to start DJing today! 


Target students:

  • First time experience with dj equipment

  • Introduction deejaying

  • Beginners DJs


Course requirements:

  • You should own or have access to Pioneer DJ Equipment, XDJ-RX, CDJ1000/DJM800 or better. NO laptop needed, USB only!

  • Recommended software: Rekordbox (free) & Mixed In Key



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