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DJ & Music Production Certification

Skilz DJ Academy is a music school based in Luxembourg, where you can learn how to be a DJ and get professional training in Djing, mixing, producing and beat making. The DJ courses offered by the Academy are suitable for anyone who wants to learn how to be a DJ, regardless of your age or previous experience. They cover everything you need to know about DJing, from mixing, EQing, beat matching, to building your own tracks, so you can become a professional DJ and start playing gigs around the world.
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Skilz DJ Certification


With our DJ School program, students will have gone from a complete beginner to performance-ready DJ.


You will learn from the fundamentals of beatmatching and mixing to using and creating manuel effects. DJ culture, standard equipment (USB, cd and Vinyl players, mixers, controllers, speakers, etc.) Basic to advanced mixing with no computer assistance. Each student has their own pro DJ setup in class, all styles are welcome and every student has access to the facilities six days a week.


At the end, we also include a digital briefing and course using softwares as Rekordbox or Traktor, Serato. You will also learn how to deal with the Troubleshooting in a live scenario and how to switch in and out with other DJs in a live performance, creating a pro social media profile and more...


After your certification, you will be able to perform live in our events in the best venues of Luxembourg and also integrate the hottest Bars and Clubs in the country.

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Music Production Certification


Time to know how the super star artists create their tracks and their hits. We give you the opportunity to get your electronic music production career started with our Music Production Program. You will gain a solid understanding of Cubase’s foundational elements including recording, mixing and editing music, sampling, synthesis, sound design and more! Each student has their own set up in class, all styles are welcome and every student has access to the facilities seven days a week.


DJ School with 4 levels of classes will take you from beginner to advanced level course material in the Cubase studio production that combines outstanding audio quality, intuitive handling and a collection of highly advanced audio and MIDI tools. Cubase is used by star producers and musicians.

Fully online face-to-face private courses. The best understanding of the concepts of music production from the very beginner to the advance level. Study Diploma & Degree Courses at Skilz DJ Academy, Music School based in Luxembourg. The best experience possible.


You will have the chance to release worldwide your final certification project on the label GaGa Records among international artists.

Master Skilz Certification


The Skilz Master Program is the most complete and extensive collection of courses offered in Music Production & DJ Practice at the Skilz DJ Academy. From Beginner to the Advanced Level. It is for people who live for music and DJing.


Now more than ever, the distinction between producers and DJs is disappearing since both talents complement each other if you want the widest platform for your music.

The Academy offers group and individual courses.. For the individual lessons, start at your convenience by putting a personalised calendar on the dates and times you want. 

When not attending the lessons, you will be expected to continue learning independently to keep up with the program. Independent learning is about taking control of your work and learning. It keeps you improving.

The training features the very latest in world class DJ and studio kit for you to get your hands on. Our students get the exclusive opportunity to perform at SDA live events on a regular basis and release their new Electronic Music productions on the International Label, GaGa Records and more.

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