Intermediate DJ Course Level

Course Price


Course length

16 Hours

About the DJ course

Total training hours= 8 x 2 = 16h
(Student Card=10% off)
Languages : English / French
Certification: Yes

If you already have the basic knowledge of DJing, or have basic experience with beat matching, the level SDA02 is the appropriate course for you.

Learn more about the music notes to be able to mix seamlessly between different scales and genres of music and gain a better understanding of when and how to utilise transitions. By having this certificate level you will be able to perform in different venues that we collaborate with in Luxembourg and also be able to be booked in our showcases and events:

- Intermediate mixing techniques
- Harmonic Mixing
- Music structure and mixing points
- Manuel tempo changes with no display assistance.
- Using EQs and FX during transitions
- Loops & Hot Cues
- Creative Mixing
- Skilz DJ Intermediate Certification

Included in fees: We offer students the very best equipment on which to study with no extra fee. Fully equipped with Pioneer dj setup and unlimited practice time.