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Junior DJ Workshop

Course Price


Course length

4 Hours

About the DJ course

Total training hours= 4 x 1 = 4h
Age: from 07 to 12 years old.
Days: Saturdays
Timing: 14h00-15h00
Languages : English / French/ Romanian
Certification: No

Next sessions:
Session 6: from 10/06/2023 till 01/07/2023
Session 7: from 16/09/2023 till 07/10/2023

DJ Junior Workshops are classes designed to teach young children the basics of DJing in a fun and engaging way. These classes usually involve learning how to use a dj mixer and dj controllers, mixing and blending music, and exploring different genres of music. They also typically include an introduction to the history of DJing and the different types of DJing equipment. At the end of each class, students should have a better understanding of the fundamentals of DJing and be able to make their own mixes.

Music Animation
Fun DJ workshop
How to use pro Pioneer DJ Setup
Basic Mixing
Basic Music Structure
Reinforcing learning in different ways
Introduction to the Mix and the Blending

Included in the fees: We offer students the very best equipment on which to learn with no extra fee. Fully equipped with Pioneer DJ Setup.

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