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Level 2: Music Composition & Art Of Mixing (One-To-One)

Course Price


Course length

20 Hours

Course Overview

  • Duration: 10 Lessons (2 hours per session)

  • Location: Luxembourg City Studios

  • Maximum Participants: Taught 1-to-1 with your music genre

  • Languages: English / French

  • Software: Cubase Pro/Artist

  • Certification: Yes

Taught 1-to-1 with your music genre

Choose your own lesson times 6 days a week

You have a basic understanding of Cubase Pro, and want to pursue music production further. Even if you are already familiar with technology - it is important to re-learn things in a structured way to take your production to the next level.

It's relatively easy to get a bunch of loops happening but not everyone can mold them into a finished, dynamic tune.

This course will help you to understand how tracks are structured in order to elevate your music above that of the competition. Get a deeper understanding of sampling and song structure.  Focusing on composition and arrangement techniques, this second-level music production course will allow you to create an original track, mashups, and remixes.

What I will learn?

  • Advanced melodic progression and groove structure

  • Advanced audio and Midi FX

  • Advanced Structure & Arrangement

  • How to use third-party plug-ins

  • Vocal Recording Techniques

  • Vocal correction using "Vari Audio"

  • Functions of dynamics processors utilizing instruments and ranges

  • Advanced compression and side-chaining skills

  • How to use Mid and Side EQ’ing

  • Bussing, grouping, Send & Returns

  • Sampling using the "Sample Track" 

  • Understanding synths Layering & combination sounds

  • Sound Placement

  • Automation (reverb, delay, EQ)

  • Introduction to Audio Engineers - Mix-Down

  • Finishing Tracks

  • Creating mash-ups & remixes


A firm grasp of the fundamentals outlined in our Beginner music production course.

Included in fees

We offer students the very best equipment on which to study with no extra fee. Fully equipped with Mac & Steinberg pro sound cards. Unlimited practice time.

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