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The 15 Worst Things To Say To A DJ

Buzz Feed... No, they won’t do it!

1. “I do a little DJing myself! Can I get in there?”

2. “Guess when my birthday is? TODAY!”

3. “Do you have any Steve Aoki?”

4. “I don’t know what it’s called, but it’s like dumm dee dee dat yeah yeah doopy doop. Play that one.”

5. “Can you get my friend in? THANKS!”

6. “Do you take requests?”

7. “Which songs do you have?”

8. “Play something me and my girls can dance to!”


10. “Just play it off my phone!”

11. “I don’t like this song… can you just change it?”

12. “Can you do that wikka-wikka thing?”

13. “What does this button do?”

14. “It’s too loud, can you turn it down?”

15. “Can I just set my drink on your table for like five minutes?”

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