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Sam Skilz Spilled His Top 5 DJ Tips.

How to get the balance right for your dj set!

Building a great dj set during your first club gigs requires a lot of preparation to make it even more challenging, most new talents tend to bypass the basics that usually help them perform better their shows.

I would like to share these 5 DJ tips that will help you get the balance right for your dj set. Is not only about the skills, you need to get closer to your gears.... Make them like an extension of your hands and get prepared for things that can still go wrong!

The tips I have selected for you here are more about strategy than techniques or practice.

1- Show Up Early

Show up early to events you’re playing… this will help you choose the direction of your set. It doesn’t matter that anyone can DJ these days. What matters is that you are one of the best.

2-Engage Your Audience From The Very Beginning!

Start With A bang, Very important to grab the wrowd attention from the start!

You must keep in mind that you have limited time to get your crowd attention, give an exciting taster of what’s to come, Keep them curious and balance your set with your exclusive tracks, don't give everything at the same time, think the way they serve you at your favorite restaurant (Starter follow up with main course and then dessert all serve with Style...).

3- Feeling It.

All experienced DJs have been there on nights where it seems almost impossible to make anyone dance.

This is not about the technique! Dealing with this is all about being in the right state of mind. Don't think too much during your set, let your feelings getting you to the dance floor among the crowd, Make yourself as one of them, get your positive energy in the room, have fun! Remember that you can not expect the crowd to connect with you if you don't enjoy time with them... This way, you will have better picture of what make them dance!

4- Don’t Get Drunk

Drink might help to relax and release the stress before to start you dj set. It might get you closer to the wavelength of your crowd. Have one or two beers, have whatever you like but limit yourself to that.

Getting drunk while at your gig is a sure way to lose your train of thought and to totally forget about your mission. You’ll have real troubles concentrating. And if you can’t concentrate you’re music selection won't follow what your crowd are expecting, your mixing will suffer.

After all, who want to see a drunk dj at the booth?

5-Be A Master Chef

Do not play the same style of music at the same bpm for a whole hour… can be very annoying. Try to avoid to keep the track for 7 mins, out side of the Intro/Outro, track should not last more than 3 mins in your mix.

Make your mix a journey, give your people a story behind the music. In other words, think about the music wave origin form (Up & Down), this way you will keep the attention that you seek.


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