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Top Online Record Pools For DJs

If you’re passionate enough about music to become a DJ, you likely love it enough to get your tracks legally. But what is a DJ to do when money is tight and they want legitimate music? Simple! Sign up for a record pool. We last reviewed online record pools over three years ago, so today we’re taking another look at the lay of the land with a comparison review of four popular online pools.

What is a record pool?

“A music pool or DJ pool is a regionalized and centralized method of music distribution that allows DJs to receive promotional music to play in nightclubs. The music industry sends its newest releases to the pool of DJs; in exchange, the pool provides feedback on each release as well as exposure in their clubs.” –

These days most pools provide unlimited downloads of high quality digital music (MP3s) for a set monthly price. In return for the music DJs are often required to provide feedback on either individual tracks or on a group of tracks before being able to download them.

Record pools are both a market research and promotional tool for record labels so they often have rules requiring the members to be working DJs (clubs, radios, etc) so that they get a return for their music in the form of play time in front of a wide audience.

Over the years I have been a member of a number of different record pools – including back in the day when they actually sent you records! I wanted to go over four popular online record pools to give you an idea of the services they provide and to get you started on picking the right one for you.

Introducing The Pools

In case you don’t have five minutes to read the whole article, we’re starting out with a quick summary of each – click on the titles to jump to each individual review!

ZipDJ: a pool with over 1,000 major record labels behind it, unlimited downloads, 320Kbps MP3s, batch downloading, with a wide variety of music genres.

DJCity: one of the most recognizable pools online, unlimited downloads, 320Kbps MP3s, sells vinyl and gear, with a focus on the mainstream.

Late Night Record Pool: a smaller name online with a focus on hip-hop and open format DJs, mostly 320Kbps MP3s, unlimited downloads, and an impressive back catalogue from years of operation.

Digital DJ Pool: home of the $1 trial membership, mainstream music focus, unlimited downloads, and one of the lowest prices in the market.

Are you a member of a cool record pool you want to share? Let us know in the comments so we can all check it out!


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