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30% more volume? Yes please!

Things could be changing for vinyl "within three years".

We've already got HD TVs and Blu-ray DVDs, and wax, which hit 9 million US salesin the first half of 2015, is expected to arrive in high definition in the future, according to Digital Music News.

Apparently an EU-wide patent by Austrian company Rebeat Digital has been filed which, if it goes through, would mean vinyl in a few years could have 30 per cent bigger capacity and 30 per cent more volume. Patents for the United States and the rest of the world are expected to be submitted at a later date.

'HD Vinyl' would be produced through 3D-based topographical mapping and laser inscription technology, expected to be made much quicker, at an decreased duration of 60 per cent, than current processes. Plus, it's mooted to be 50 per cent cheaper than using the older pressing machines (not including this plant in Canada) in use at the moment.

Rebeat's CEO, Guenter Loibl, explained how it will work: “We adjust the distance of the grooves, we correct the radial/tangential errors, and we optimise the frequencies. You could say we ‘master’ the topographical data, which is a totally different approach."

But the best thing about it? You won't have to splash the cash on a new turntable as the HD records will be compatible with all players on the market right now. Bonus!

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