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Where Do DJs Get Their Music?

Unlike the past 10-15 years, it is not an issue to reach any type of music over the web anymore, since there is so much competition between companies and websites serving thousands, even millions of tracks to public.

It might seem easy to find what type of music you look for as a DJ, but the fact is that you really get lost in the giant crowd of all these sources.

We wanted to make it easy for all beginners in the world of DJ’ing and searched for the most popular DJ music sites and subscription services.

Here is a list of well-known and popular sources that you can trust and get high quality music tracks.


Traxsource is the ultimate underground music store. They provide the finest underground music downloads in high-definition WAV and MP3 format.

On this website, tracks are available in DRM free 320 kbps MP3 and CD Quality WAV format.


Beatport is the largest digital DJ music store in the world. It offers music in premium digital format and provides unique music discovery tools for DJs.

This website is highly recommended because of the tracks’ sound quality. World known DJs’ top lists will help you find the best tunes also.


The music files offered for download are in a selection of formats including 320kbps & lossless WAV Audio format providing great quality and flexibility.

You can see what format is available for each track by looking out for the 320 and WAV images located in the track listings of pages such as New Releases, or on the Track Details page of a specific track.


Juno Download is an online dance music store. They have been in business based in London UK since 1996.

They host more than 2 million tracks in high quality digital format.

Juno does not use DRM so you can easily transfer your music between devices.

DJTUNES is a leading european dance music download portal. This is where you can legally download DRM free dance music tracks and mixes.

You can also add your own productions to their catalogue.

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