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Why promoting all of your social media links is tricky?

Every few years a new social media app hits the market with promises of being the next big thing. Consumers join in and again, another social network is added to their repertoire. Marketing on one platform is difficult enough. However, there is a way to build that audience while not overselling yourself.


Let’s say on average a user has Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and a personal website. As an artist your goal is to market yourself and thus build the connection with strangers on each platform. I want you to ask yourself when is the last time you added all the networks of an artist that you saw through a post.

Was it immediately or did it happen over time?

Think about it. You see a sponsored advertisement with a new song and that person wants you to add them on Twitter, Instagram, Soundcloud, Facebook, email newsletter and more. Let’s be honest here, most people don’t. At least not right away.

Instead of throwing a lot of information at people, narrow it down. Maybe your Twitter fan base is different than your Instagram. That is okay. Remember that as you continue to build, eventually those bridges will connect with each other.

Consider how you interact with music, before you took the role of an artist. Did you have a Tidal account? Spotify? Facebook Messenger? Tumblr?

Focal point

As mentioned above, make your post concise with a direct call to action. Want people to listen to your new record? Ask them to click here to hear it. Want people enjoy your concert performance photos? Ask them to like a post on Instagram.

Simple and direct call to actions work well with organic followings. Many social apps now are integrated within each other. Meaning, you can login with one using the account information of another.

Think about what your drive is. Maybe one month you focus heavily on increasing Instagram likes or reposts. Another month is focused on Twitter engagement and another on newsletter growth.

Each network has its own set of rules and reasons to why people join. If you can keep this in mind, then you’re good to go.

Sum up

Keep it simple. Eventually everything will connect. If you force it though, you’ll find yourself with more negative results than positive.

Creating a sponsored advertisement? Create one to two call of actions. Put yourself in the shoes of the consumer. Are you going to tweet them, like their Instagram photo, comment on their Facebook feed and subscribe to their newsletter all at once? Probably not.

Also it is important to mention that your website should host all of your social network information. So next time try adding just your website. If people are curious enough, they will check. Good luck.

Feel free to add your comment or personnal advice.

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