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3 Ways to Get Song Acapellas for DJing

One of the most fun and creative way to dj is using Acapellas. Putting an acapella over an instrumental is a dream for every beginner DJ. But where should you go to find music acapellas for your DJ sets?

Of course, the ideal way is to purchase the MP3 or Wave Acapella from the dj tools area of a digital music vendor such as Beatport or Traxsource. However, not all of the songs are available, and currently there are alternative possibilities, such as extracting your own using software, which is frequently free.

In this post, we'll go through various options for DJs searching for studio-quality acapellas to use in their performances. We will also discuss how you may try your hand at extracting your own from your favorite tune.

1 - Where To Buy Acapellas

These are some of the greatest and most popular websites for purchasing Acapellas. Consider the dj tools sections of Beatport or Traxsource, two of the most popular digital music websites devoted to high-quality music.

Beatport / DJ Tools - Price 1,29€ for a high quality MP3

Traxource / Accapella - Price 1,49$ for a high quality MP3

At the other hand, the AI and incredible processing power allow you to "extract" the voice from a whole recording, allowing you to create whatever acapella you want with just your laptop.

When done this manner, they'll never sound as fantastic as a professional studio acapella that you buy from the digital music websites – but they'll frequently get near enough for your own DJ performances. Here are some alternatives to consider:

2. Extract Your Own Acapellas using Web APP

LALAL.AI - Price: Free (Free pack) / $10 (Lite pack) / $20 (Plus pack)

En Extract vocal, accompaniment and various instruments from any audio

This is a fantastic online tool based on AI (Artificial Intelligence) that can complete this work for you without requiring you to download or install anything. Extracting an acapella using LALAL.AI is as simple as dragging and dropping a music file into its site on a browser window. There are both free and premium options.

3. Extract Your Own Acapellas using Software

3.1 Vitual DJ - Price free

Virtual DJ is a popular DJ application for Mac and Windows that has this feature. The greatest part is that you don't even have to buy it - there's a free version of the program that allows you to "extract" acapellas "live," after which you just record the result. For free, you can get instant acapella MP3s of anything!

3.2 - Neural Mix Pro - Price: $50 one-time in-app purchase

This is a less expensive solution from the creators of djay Pro AI. Neural Mix Pro, like the other tools mentioned above, includes a plethora of export choices to expedite the process, as well as certain features tailored to DJs that the others do not.

It is Legal?
Because we are not legal experts, we can only provide you with two options: One, DJs have been doing this since the dawn of time, and two, if you want to DJ with an acapella, we feel it is ethical to acquire it or purchase the original track tune from a music digital store at some point. Everything after that is fair game.

Hopefully, this post has provided you with a plethora of suggestions for finding acapellas to use in your DJing, many of which will cost you very little, if anything at all.

You want to learn how to dj like a pro? Now it's time to get started! Join our on site our DJ courses. You'll be able to use Accapellas, and create your own creative mixes like a pro. You will have a complete comprehension of the DJing art.

Hopefully, this post has provided you with a plethora of suggestions for finding acapellas to use in your DJing, many of which will cost you very little, if anything at all.

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Cecilia Stafford
Cecilia Stafford
Mar 10, 2023

Hi, this is just an additional inputs from me about the topic. Acapella is a style of singing without the accompaniment of any musical instruments. In acapella music, singers use only their voices to create the rhythm, melody, and harmonies of a song. This can involve singing together in a group, or sometimes soloists will layer their voices on top of each other to create a fuller sound.

Acapella singing can be found in many different genres of music, from classical choral works to modern pop and R&B songs. It is often used in gospel music, barbershop quartets, and college a cappella groups.

Acapella music can be challenging to perform, as the singers need to rely solely on their voices…


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