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Beginners Lesson 6 - Cubase Pro [Stereo Panning]

Updated: Nov 25, 2020

For this 6th Tutorial lesson, Sam Skilz introduces tips for beginner music producers. The Stereo Panning to make the mixes wide & balanced.

Nowadays, all home audio systems are in stereo. It means that the sound comes through two speakers: Left and Right. In Panning, we have 3 specific sources: Left, Center y Right.

Imagine a live situation, with a band on a stage. The singer and the guitare bass are placed at centered front, the synth on the left and the piano to the right.

Watch the video Tutorial:

Usually, the most problematic area of the sound field is the center, as this is normally the busiest place within a mix. It is advisable to keep the kick, bassline, and lead vocal in the center as they provide the music with a solid grounding and help aid the rhythm. All other instruments and backing vocals, should put or positioned left or right of the signal channel (Not too hard). Instead of panning hard left and right for all instruments, find a place inside those extremes.

Some mixing engineers like to keep their instruments toward the center of the mix, while other engineers prefer spreading things way out with instruments on either end of the spectrum. There’s no right or wrong way to pan instruments. In fact, no one says that you have to leave any of your instruments in the same place throughout the entire song.

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