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Greenroom by Spotify is yet another Clubhouse competitor

In March, Spotify announced plans for a Clubhouse competitor, which it has now debuted as Spotify Greenroom...

Spotify Greenroom, a new Clubhouse competitor service, has been launched. The new service is modeled after Clubhouse's live audio discussion 'rooms,' allowing listeners to ask questions live to any presenter or guest, as well as participate in the conversation. Greenroom was “built for artists and creators to boost fan relationships,” according to Spotify.

The development follows Spotify's March 2021 acquisition of Locker Room, a live audio service largely focused on sports. Greenroom is a distinct app from the main Spotify app, however users may connect in with their current Spotify account and it does not require Spotify Premium. It's available on iOS and Android, and unlike Clubhouse, it's not invite-only. Spotify plans to expand its platform with additional curated content in the areas of music, culture, and entertainment, according to the company.

Spotify is also unveiling a creator fund, though the details are scarce. According to a source close to the situation, people on the app will be compensated based on how popular their rooms are and how engaged they are in them, and exclusive arrangements with creators are also in the works, with announcements expected over the summer. It's unclear how much money Spotify will spend to entice creators to join the app, but fans who are interested can sign up for additional information here.

Every internet business today appears to be interested in social audio, which didn't exist until Clubhouse began in March 2020. Since then, Twitter has introduced Spaces, Facebook has released Live Rooms, and other businesses such as Slack, LinkedIn, Reddit, and Discord have begun to develop comparable products. Because audio is currently its full-time job, Spotify may have the best chance of making social audio a real element of its business. However, convincing consumers to join an app live and spend time in it is a challenging sell, and one that will necessitate top-tier programming, especially given how many other apps are available.


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