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Illegal Parties, Covid-19 Is the Last Thing on Anyone’s Mind

Nightclubs around Europe are shut. But that doesn’t mean the continent’s party people are staying home. As coronavirus lockdowns are eased, illegal raves are growing in popularity. Outdoor events for hundreds — in some cases, thousands — organized via social media and messaging apps, are in full swing every weekend, causing headaches for police forces and lawmakers, and stirring public debate and news media panic. Tom Wingfield, a senior lecturer at the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine, said in an email that there were no medical studies about the coronavirus and outdoor parties,but that a likely lack of social

distancing posed risks for transmission. Throw in alcohol or drugs, and those risks could be exacerbated, he said. Some countries have tried bringing nightclubs back. In Switzerland, most regions let venues reopen in June, provided they kept attendees’ contact details. (After many partygoers gave false information, I.D. checks became mandatory in some areas.) Clubs in Barcelona, Spain, reopened at the end of June, but shut again a few weeks later as the virus surged in the city.

In most countries, the idea of packed dance floors is too much to even consider right now. Many nightclub operators fear they will be the last businesses allowed to reopen. Until then, thousands are partying in secret, despite the risk and the backlash. Last weekend, It has been reported different events cross Europe, in Luxembourg, Berlin, London and near Paris.

Police break up illegal party in Luxembourg with more than 200 guests.

Last Saturday, the party was subsequently broken up by the police. According to the official report, most people wore masks and were cooperative. The officers at the scene noted down the contact details of about 50 guests, most of which were non-residents. The party was organised by non-residents. The police reported that the cars they observed at the scene, were registered either in Belgium or in the Netherlands.

What do you think about these illegal parties? and what is the route back to some semblance of normality? Share your thoughts with us...


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