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Pioneer To Leave The DJ Industry ?

Pioneer would like to resell Pioneer DJ by this fall, after a major overhaul. The rumor is however relative, since the firm had already sold 85% of this brand in 2015: a small fact-checking is required.

Pioneer equipment

According to the site Nikkei Asian Reviews, the Japanese firm Pioneer would plan to sell its branch Pioneer DJ. In 2015, it had already sold 85% of the latter to the US investor KKR, but failed to halt its decline in revenue.

In January, Hong Kong-based investor Baring Private Equity Asia (BPEA) bought Pioneer, causing a major reshuffle, including the dismissal of 15% of its employees, according to the Japan Times website.

Seeking to focus on the construction of autonomous cars, the Japanese firm intends to sell its last shares of Pioneer DJ, as well as KKR. Still according to Nikkei, various potential buyers are already approached, and the choice would be made in the fall. However, Julien Lemaire, country manager of Pioneer DJ France, indicates that nothing has been officially announced, either at Pioneer, Pioneer DJ or KKR.

If the information is confirmed, it should still be tempered: Pioneer has already withdrawn 85% of the equipment of Dj-ing, and Pioneer DJ has become autonomous. If Pioneer actually sells the remaining 15%, that does not mean that Pioneer DJ will stop. We can not predict what an investor would do, but it seems unlikely that it will dismantle a brand representing 60 to 70% of the market share of DJ equipment in the world.

Pioneer has been making DJ equipment since 1994, highly appreciated by professionals in the field. Despite its partial purchase in 2015 and the difficulties of its parent company, Pioneer DJ continues to manufacture new products.

Source : "Trax magazine"


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