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Should DJs Use Sync?

Updated: Apr 17, 2019

Post by Sam Skilz

Back in days, the levels to entry to the dj world were a lot higher. To be a DJ, you needed to have mastered the fundamental skills of beat-matching with vinyl turntables, which could take months or years and then get to understand the rest of the mixing technics.

Nowadays, anyone being able to purchase a basic dj controller for under €500, then download the chart recommendations from one of the major digital music stores and labelling themselves as a DJ.

The truth is the new technology allow us to do a lot more than beat-matching. We can be more creative and make complex routines with live mashups and bootlegs using acapella vocals, samples, stems or native instruments tools. We can play with hot cues, scratching, looping at the same time. We don’t have all theses futures with stand alone vinyl turntables. So the question is, should djs use the sync button?

To be able to explain my point of view, I will put two scenarios:

Should I use the sync in complex routines?

In my opinion, if we want to go with advanced mixing routines, it means beat-maching become irrelevant. What I mean here, is every single dj that is doing complex routines should have the beat-matching skills already in his blood! Why bother with the basics instant of focusing on creativity. The main goal here is to take the skills to the next level with some spectacular routines on a combination of decks. So in the case my answer is Yes!

Should I use it in DJ Set?

At the other hand I believe the basics of deejaying remains to be the beat-matching. I would encourage any DJ, whether they are new or experienced, to learn how to beat-match by ear if they don’t already know how. You never know when you will need to beat match manually and I have personally seen DJs in trouble many times with their laptops and softwares. I can guarantee you none of the software on the market is 100% accurate.

This is the reason why I don’t recommend to use the sync in a dj set. Especially you want to learn spin vinyl in the future.

Cheating or not? You tell me!

Sync Conclusion

Using sync or not would depends on what for? f it's for creative mixing and complex routines, I would say YES! If is it for a DJ Set, No!

At the end of the day, remember, when you have 100% mixing skills, you are only 50% ready, the other 50% is the music. The DJ is only as good as the records they play!

Feel free to share your thoughts on this in the bellow comments.

Post By Sam Skilz


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