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The Pioneer DJ XDJ-XZ - Review

The brand new Pioneer XDJ-XZ review by Sam Skilz. Check out the latest addition to the ever popular XDJ all in one series. With four channels, mechanical jog wheels and a DJM style mixer, is this the next level all in one player?

The latest installment into their XDJ all-in-one line, the XDJ-XZ. Building off the previous iterations, the XZ adds Nexus2 features into their compact controller, combining two full-size decks with a 4-channel mixer, to be used with or Rekordbox or standalone. The new XDJ-XZ has all the Nexus2 effects you have come to love from their 900 series mixers, as well as a new feedback reducer, that instantly kills that annoying ringing that happens when a monitor is too close to a mic. The new XDJ-XZ is also Serato ready right out of the box, without the need for any additional hardware. 

The XZ can also act as a hub for additional players via the Pro-DJ Link, allowing you to use two additional players. There are line and phono connections as well for turntables and players should you decide to ditch Rekordbox. Three USB ports allow for seamless transitioning or b2b sets, and the performance pads can take your mixing to the next level. Check out the intro video below with a full review by Sam Skilz.


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