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This year, vinyl accounted for 23% of all album sales, with ABBA's 'Voyage' being the best-seller.

According to recent data from the British Phonographic Industry, vinyl record sales in the UK have reached a 30-year high in 2021. (BPI).

According to BPI data, more over five million vinyl albums were sold this year, representing an 8 percent rise over 2020 figures. Vinyl record sales have increased for the 14th year in a row, with vinyl recordings accounting for 23% of all albums sold in 2021.

ABBA's return record 'Voyage' was the best-selling vinyl album in the UK this year, while Adele's '30' was also a best-seller. Despite mounting worries about pressing plant delays and increased expenses in the vinyl production business, the growth has occurred.

A recent survey published earlier this year discovered that Gen Z purchases more vinyl albums than millennials. According to an MRC Data survey, 4,041 people aged 13 and up were questioned over the course of two weeks about their musical influences, inspirations, and purchases, with 15% of Generation Z respondents – people commonly identified as being born between 1997 and 2012 – claiming to have purchased vinyl albums in the previous year.

Read the BPI's full breakdown of 2021's sales data here.

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