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Pioneer DJ Reveals CDJ-2000NXS2 + DJM-900NXS2

At last, final details have emerged from Pioneer DJ on their two new flagship models of media player and mixer. Yep, it’s still a CDJ, but now they have touchscreens, MIDI input, and FLAC support. The DJM-900NXS has EQ-specific FX controls, a 64-bit mixing processor, and an independent standalone Send/Return. Learn more inside:

Pioneer CDJ-2000NXS2: Touchscreen, FLAC Support, 96/24 Soundcard

Pioneer has done a a solid job of taking some of the most requested feat

ures and putting them into the new CDJ-2000NXS2. The best features on this new unit include:

  • Better Sound: A 96 kHz/24-bit sound card is built into the unit, with a 32-bit D/A converter and improved digital out to really give the best possible sound for this high-end CDJ. They’ve even separated the power supply to reduce noise issues.

  • Better Sound File Support: FLAC and ALAC support, at last!

  • Color Touch Screen: a 7-inch touch screen like on the XDJ-1000s. You can use it to trigger a new track filter mod to filter by metadata, type in a search on the QWERTY keyboard, and more.

  • 8 Color Coded Hot Cues: They’ve increased the Hot Cue section to four buttons (two banks) and color-coded them to match what you have set up in Rekordbox. They can also be named in Rekordbox!

  • MIDI control: Finally the DDJ-SP1 has a use in a pro setup – it can be connected to a CDJ setup to control up to 4 CDJ-2000NXS2s with Pro DJ Link activated. This means quicker cue, loop, slip, and browsing – and MUCH BETTER pads to play cue points with than CDJ users have ever had. Now all we need is Midi Fighter support…..

  • Fractional Quantize: allowing you to change what level of beat quantization you use – between 1/8, 1/4, 1/2

  • Pro DJ Link Update: An improved Phase Meter with two modes, beatgrids now accurate to the microsecond, and a quantized beat jump. The press release only mentions beat jump for 1 beat forward or backward – we’re hoping this isn’t the case and that 4/8/16/32 are also options.

  • Rekordbox DJ HID control: coming soon

  • 3 position playback lever: Slip Reverse, Forward, Reverse

What we still think is missing:

  • The hot cue buttons still feel misplaced, up in the top left of the unit. We were hoping they might take center stage like on the DDJ lineup.

  • There’s still a CD slot on the unit – we understand that Pioneer wants to continue to have a player that works for everyone, but do CDJ/DJM users really still use CDs if given the option? Are DJs paying money for a feature (and extra weight) that goes unused?

  1. Enhanced, next generation sound with support for FLAC/ALAC files

  2. Full-colour touch screen with faster browsing and more detailed track information

  3. Expanded performance features for even greater possibilities and creativity

  4. Pro DJ Link enables even more features

  5. See full rekordbox track information including NEW colour-coded Memory Cues


  • Highest quality audio components for a warm, detailed sound

  • Improved EQ, fader and clip controls for smoother mixes

  • More detailed control of a wealth of FX plus an independent Send/Return

  • Two USB ports, 4 Phono Inputs and DVS support for total flexibility and seamless DJ handovers

  • Pro DJ Link via LAN or USB for even more scope and flexibility

  • High quality, rugged build for professional use


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